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Why Chefday?
Cooking should be an incredible experience.™
We believe cooking is fun. But it comes with too many hassles. Finding a trustworthy recipe, hunting for ingredients, spending hours in the kitchen... Clearly, there must be a better way.
Our story
3 (very) different personalities

Julien the “lazy” one, explains, “cooking is too much of a hassle. Not that I don’t like cooking, but selecting an interesting recipe, going to the grocery store and choosing good products and the right ingredients is just too much.”

Laurent is a food enthusiast: “I started cooking as a toddler with my grandparents and continued with my mom and my brother... I’ve always loved cooking and sharing tips and new recipes with friends and loved-ones.”

And Vincent likes food, but his main concern is to stay in shape: “I don’t particularly cook but I find cooking very important to stay healthy because you take the time to pick and to know exactly what you’re eating--better things than in the supermarket. You are more prone to eat well if you cook.

The same vision
Let's make cooking fun and entertaining!

We soon realized that together we could design a joyful cooking experience. No hassles, just simple pleasure. We wanted our members to discover or reconquer the amazing space that their kitchen could be.

As we launch our company we are well aware that there are health and ethical issues related to food between those who have too much and those who don’t have enough. So we decided to do our part to fight excess weight by proposing only fresh and natural products, as well as combat hunger with our “Cook 1 Feed 1” program.