Chefday won't deliver recipe bags for the summer starting Monday July 1. Learn more here.
New York City
Free next-day delivery in all of NYC (except SI)
2 Convenient Time Windows
  • 2-5 pm.
    Ideal for same-day cooking. It allows you to get your recipe bag at the office and bring it home after work. They are easy to carry and stay cool for up to 5 hours. It’s also a good time to get it at home if your building has a doorman.
  • 7-10 pm.
    This option is great for people who like to receive their recipe bag at home and cook it later in the week. Chefday recipe bags stay fresh for up to 3 days in the fridge so you don’t need to plan ahead when you’ll cook.
Hand Deliveries With Easy-to-carry Bags
Recipe bags ared
through a local courrier company. Your ingredients are protected with leak proof ice packs in cool shield envelopes. Our bags are small and
very easy to carry home.
Good to know
You can order, edit your order and cancel your order
at no charge
until 11:59 p.m. the nights before delivery day. There is
no minimum order size:
you can order as little as a recipe bag for 2.
Most of the eastearn half of the US
Free overnight delivery with insulated cooling packaging
Worry-Free Home Delivery
Your package will arrive between 9am and 8pm. You
don't need to be there
when your package is delivered as our boxes are designed to keep your food fresh (see below). You can ask us to leave your Chefday order in front of your door, take it to a neighbor's house, or leave it with your building's doorman.
Insulated Packaging With Large Ice-packs
Our specialized delivery network delivers your food in a custom made biodegradable, 100% recyclable box that keeps it even fresher than if you bought it at the store. As long as you are able to transfer your recipe bags to your fridge that evening, your Chefday delivery will
remain fresh
for the standard amount of time you should expect from fresh products.
Good to know
You can order, edit your order and cancel your order
at no charge
until 11:59 p.m. 2 days before your delivery day.
Deliveries are free
but the minimum order size is 4 servings: either 2 recipe bags for 2 or 1 recipe bag for 4 persons.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. No Ifs, No Buts.

100% Secure Payment
We accept all major credit and debit cards for payment. All credit card transactions on our website are 100% secure using
128-bit SSL.
We use a trusted third-party infrastructure provider to process payments and store any sensitive informations.
Flexible Cancellation Policy
Our mission is to make cooking a fun, yet convenient experience. When you place an order, we charge your credit card on the day of your delivery. That’s why you can edit or cancel your order
until 11:59 p.m. the night before
your scheduled delivery
at no cost.
Friendly Refund Policy
We want your cooking experience to be incredible. That’s why we opted for a
full refund policy
in the case that some ingredients are not fresh or missing. We’ll also credit your account with the
full value
of your order if your delivery came late.